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  • 20-25% average savings
  • No volume commitment
  • Employee discount

Pricing and savings

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About Staples - Business Essentials

Staples is the online, business-to-business division of Staples, Inc., serving organizations up to the level of Fortune 1000Over 4000 contracted items include typical office supply products, snacks and beverages, cleaning/kitchen supplies, office furniture, and much more.

The Staples Retail (In-Store) Program offers the added convenience of accessing the contracted discounts at over 1500 retail stores and their Copy & Print centers.


Why do I have to buy 80% of my typical office supplies from Staples Advantage and Retail Programs?
Committing to higher purchasing levels leads to greater volume and, therefore, better pricing and service for all members.

What if I don't see the checkmark or "on contract" denoting the best pricing?
Contact 877-826-7755 verify that you are properly enrolled in the HPG-Staples Advantage program.


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