Frequently asked questions

What is a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO)?

A GPO leverages the collective buying power of nonprofits, schools, and other organizations to drive down costs and increase savings. The PurchasingPoint® program is backed by the GPO AdvantageTrust (a division of HealthTrust Purchasing Group). This GPO has an annual combined buying power of $45 billion, which it uses to negotiate pricing on everything from office supplies to copiers to furniture. This gives our members access to low prices that are usually reserved for Fortune 100 companies.

Do I qualify for membership?

This program is available to small and large organizations: foundations and grantees, associations and members, and National Human Services Assembly members and their affiliates. If you are unsure about your eligibility under any of these categories, contact

What are the requirements for joining this program?

To participate in this program, your organization must not participate in any other major purchasing cooperatives. The exclusivity requirement is required by HealthTrust Purchasing Group (HPG), the GPO behind the program, to protect the integrity of the contracts it negotiates. Exclusivity also enables this program to negotiate better pricing, creating better savings for all. Participating locations shall purchase at least 80% of their products and services through participating vendors in available categories.

Additionally, your organization must purchase a minimum of $1,000 annually. For smaller organizations, this usually translates into using about three program vendors.

What if I'm already part of another Group Purchasing Organization?

Membership in the program requires that your organization not participate in any other GPOs or purchasing cooperatives. If you would like to switch from another large purchasing consortium to this program, we can help you to navigate the transition. Contact us at If you have questions about whether or not a current relationship you have makes you ineligible for the program, please get in touch with us at

Besides cost savings, are there other benefits to using a Group Purchasing Organization?

Remember, cost savings on overhead can channel more money toward your mission. All the available discounts are based on contracts that are already well researched and negotiated and aimed at saving your organization money, time, and countless labor hours of negotiating contracts. Our contracts are set so you can save money across the board.

What is the cost of participating?

There is no cost to participate in the program for National Human Services Assembly members. For a fee, foundations and other national associations can partner with National Assembly Business Services, Inc.. Access to organizations at the local level (foundation grantees, association members, and NHSA affiliates) is free.

How do I enroll in PurchasingPoint®?

Your national association will provide you with a link to the PurchasingPoint® portal. Visit the portal, register as a new user, or sign in if registered.

Can more than one person at my organization create a login for PurchasingPoint®?

Yes, we encourage everyone at an organization with purchasing responsibilities—from the IT director to the office manager to the CFO—to create a login to the portal. This will give everyone access to information about discounts available in his/her purchasing area and the steps necessary for the organization to "Get access" to the discounts. Note: The first person to sign up for an organization will be responsible for completing the registration agreement allowing the organization to participate in the program.

I registered more than 48 hours ago and haven't received any confirmation.

Please verify that your spam/junk mail filter does not contain the information. You can also reach Customer Service directly at

How do I "Get Access" to a vendor?

Getting access is the process of notifying a vendor that you would like to access program pricing and are an eligible member of the program. Get Access instructions are provided on the vendor profile pages within the PurchasingPoint® portal, which you can view by clicking on a vendor name or logo.

Do I have to sign up with each vendor I want to purchase from?

Yes, you must sign up with each vendor to get access to the discounts. You may select multiple vendors at a time and get access to them in one sitting. This will allow you to create a new account or convert an existing account that is tied to program pricing with each vendor you select. PurchasingPoint® serves as a gateway to discounts more significant than those available any other way.

What if I'm already using a vendor in the PurchasingPoint® program; do I still get a discount?

Yes, you can—if you convert your existing account to one tied to program pricing. Simply follow the Get Access process provided on the vendor profile and be sure to indicate in your communication with the vendor contact that you have an existing account. For vendors with contracts or lease terms, the discounted pricing may not be eligible until the end of the lease. Contact the vendor for more information.

Who should I contact if I have questions about local vendors?

We recommend you contact the vendor representative indicated on the vendor's profile page when you have questions about how to engage with that vendor. We strongly encourage you to contact them as opposed to a local representative. For example, if you contact a local representative for a vendor or call a general-purpose call center, the representative may not know of HPG/AdvantageTrust because it negotiates at the national level, thus, local representatives may not know about this program. If you ever have any trouble connecting with the right person, you can also reach Customer Service directly at

How long does the "Get Access" process with each vendor take?

The Get Access process varies from vendor to vendor. Some vendors require additional setup time and therefore take longer to tie your account to program pricing. Account conversions may also require different timing than new accounts. You can submit an inquiry to the vendor representative indicated on the vendor's profile page if you have questions about this process.

What is my GPOID and where can I find it?

Your GPOID is an alphanumeric code that vendors will ask you to provide when you sign up with them. It serves as proof of eligibility for program discounts. Your GPOID is listed on your profile page, visible after you sign in.

What if I have any problems or additional questions?

You can submit inquiries to Customer Service @