Privacy policy

This will help you understand how your information is collected and used on this site.

What information is collected?

You may provide PurchasingPoint® with several types of information:

  • Voluntary - contact information, vendor sign-up requests or customer service inquiries
  • Automatic - which pages you visit and what tools you use to interact with this site

How is information collected?

Voluntary information is collected when members complete their profiles to access the site and when they use PurchasingPoint® to enroll with participating vendors. Automatic information is collected every time you interact with this site. This is done by recording what browsing tools you use and which pages you view during your visit.

How is information used?

The information you provide on this site is used to facilitate your enrollment with our participating vendors, access negotiated discounts, administer the program, and to help us provide you with a rich experience during your visit.

Will information be shared?

Your information will only be shared with program administrators including the National Human Services Assembly, AdvantageTrust, and HealthTrust Purchasing Group/HPG. User information may be shared with vendor-partners to the extent necessary to provide and improve services or other communications to users. Any vendor-partners who receive user information for this purpose are prohibited from using or sharing user information for any purpose other than providing services or information to users. Your information will not be given to third parties or sold to anyone. During the registration process your organization’s name, address, and phone number will be visible to other portal users who are enrolling their facility for the first time.

Is my information secure?

All of the information stored on this site is protected by passwords and stored on a secure server with a firewall. Keep your password to this site safe to protect against unauthorized access to your account. Verified administrators have access to all of the information stored on this site, but they cannot see your password.

How will communications be used?

Email communications that you send to us via the email links on this website may be shared with a customer service representative, employee, or agent that is most able to address your inquiry. We make every effort to respond in a timely fashion once communications are received. Once we have responded to your communication, it is discarded or archived, depending on the nature of the inquiry. The email functionality on the website does not provide a completely secure and confidential means of communication. It is possible that your email communication may be access or viewed by another Internet user while in transit to us.

Can I opt-out of messages?

We may send certain messages, including electronic newsletters, notification of account statuses, and marketing communications on a periodic basis. If you wish to be removed from such messages, you may request to discontinue future ones. All such material will have information as to how to opt-out of receiving it, although certain messages may be required and will not have opt-out capabilities.

Privacy policy changes

PurchasingPoint® may modify or replace this privacy policy at any time and will post any changes here if they occur. We urge you to check here for any updates to this Privacy Policy from time to time.